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Contact Us

Contact us so that we can assist in the advancement of your career in the fashion industry through top quality consultation. DeAbreu Modeling Consulting is dedicated to promoting self-esteem and personal development among today’s youth.

New Faces

At DeAbreu, we are always interested in meeting new and aspiring talent. We are a “Mother Agency” and specialize in working with talent that are inexperienced. Most people that walk through our doors are brand new to the industry!


Our school is licensed by the SC Commission on Higher Education and classes are taught by acting and modeling instructors, each with vast experience in their respective fields of expertise. DeAbreu is currently offering modeling and acting classes starting at age 5.

Upcoming Events

We participate in events that will help launch the careers of our budding talent. Please review the upcoming schedule for details.

"My goal is to help you succeed in modeling and acting." - Ericka DeAbreu